• Transportation and Assistance service For Doctors Appointments

We pick up our clients from their homes and take them to their appointments. We ensure that our clients are safely strapped in the car by assisting them before the journey commences. We assist clients that live alone to secure their homes and wear their coats before we leave. Our services do not just end at transporting the client from one place to another as Taxis can simply do these tasks. Our drivers are empathetic and respectful, they always ensure that the clients are comfortable at all times. Once the clients are driven to their appointments, our drivers give clients the option of companionship during the appointments or leaving. We at ride with care Inc. notify clients or their representatives of their follow-up appointments as we always keep track of them. We offer our services for all types of doctor’s appointment such as hearing tests, pacemaker appointments, CT Scans, cancer check-up, eye exams or surgery, dental examination, dialysis etc.

  • Transportation For Personal Activities

Most seniors always prefer to go out and have fun regardless of their age, they do not want to stop doing what they love even when they live in senior retirement homes. Our company offers them the opportunity of doing just that. We transport our clients to several personal places such as the mall, beauty salon, church, restaurants, grocery store, drug store, plays, library, festivals, parks, galleries etc. We ensure that our clients are properly cared for during these trips as their protection is our priority. We give peace of mind to the loved ones of our clients due to the fact that we deliver top notch service. We run our drivers through background checks to find out their summaries, this is to ensure that we offer the best to our clients.